It was just last week 		                 It was just yesterday
I found 				               	  the news came to me
Laura Nyro had died 		      Ann Petry had passed away
some female trouble 		       a literary giant now ceased
precipitated her demise              	      on this earth to be

important she had been 	                  only because of race
- is to me -				              and the gender of men
the initial structuralist		                         did she not feed  for the writing I be		               all meant for her need

she was a young woman	            but what a blessed seed
not very many years		                             did she leave 
beyond the current me	            for all to eternally gleam

may she find comfort 		              a lottery on the streets
in the source of creativity	                if we take the chance

may she be forever free -- hold her radical controlled dance

these women touch me within

they both had calmly
stormy life(s)

------- % -------

the hope is to give
without knowing
when it will end

------- % -------

The thunder is in subside
as two more beings go to 
the heavenly chorus
of all the sages

their eyes will cry
causing rain toward
an enlightenment of
future creative pages
as sporings; as soarings

- thePoet