It starts
the beat, the bottom, the drum

Just what is it?
except for the few
go to the anthropomorphic cosmetology
of it all

Just what is it?
keeping the gap
perpetuating the snap
of this constant irritant

you know you've 
seen it

the just barely visible shadow
descending upon the comprehending
of the scattered notes hollow

It's been tried
a bringing them around
-- after all nothing can possibly fall but so low
...but can they truly slow
the basic musings of so much of the many?

Their question:
Will it ever end?

And did we really wrought
to begin?

Lord knows
the structures of old
did for so long never invite...
now as they burn
still descendants yearn
for increased subsidies...

it's to the basic they go
-- nothing there though

as their young have been already claimed

by the beat, the base, the bludgeoning
it ends

- thePoet