# 49

Serious soundings
like trouble in them there waters
like some
towering tornado trembling metropolis

                        Just who
                 is on the move?

					 Some say 
				   "Oh, it's just GOD
			striking a blow for humanity."

	           other say						     maleficent mutterings                
      man made revolution							       as if
is stalking the primal fear				          there be trouble in the seas
									           as if some
							mountain was starting a rumbling

   Just what
is there to be?

				Some say
	         	         "Oh, it's maybe GOD
	          	          doing a parting thing."

	              Others say 					           perilous persuasions
        man made combustion						                 because	 
causing a gusting of dusting				             there is a stillness in regress
						                            because some
			                              call the eye of the storm nothingness

  Just where
does one see?

				   some say
		             "Oh, it's GOD's way
         		                   coming into play."

	                 Others say
           man may just concede
 to an even higher need to be
- thePoet