A mere six drops will do it
no need after to proof it

Science is only exacting
if it's called to be
you see
there are always extenuating circumstances
things left to chances

like when one sees
a dragonfly without
a prevailing wind
- suppose- 
just suppose
the same someone
only blew with the wind                                       
                                                        		Would that someone
				ever see insects to begin?

Surely those who hold
any particular notion
also carry close
preconceived devotions                                  
                                                        		No true --
				for me and you?

Just six tiny drops of it
in any ocean will fit

Faith as an unyielding
from on the highest
of high
there are always the certainties those did see
to impart to you and me

like when it's manifest
as holy the organic
as more than phenomenon
- look -
just look
the exact elements
when in different contexts                                                   
                                                        		Do they not bring about
			other real reality checks?

Clearly those of devotion
holding these seas in the ocean
also tarry from exhaustion
in the moments of closing                                                                             
                     'tis true - no?
				for me and you

- thePoet