The want is to look
past the sea
on toward Africa
the beginning
of an unpredictable				end
started when
the slight millions
of them
sought 						then
caught						then
brought						then
bought 						then....

Oh, it was the beginnings
of those sent millions			end
the wondering is to search
deep into this sea
between that Africa
and what now be(s)
they are there
for certain
one can feel them 									 in the distant
just under the muted
morning sky

Surely it is 					them
who cry					    sending				ascending tears
to our live(s)
they know

it 	is 	not 	at 	an		      end				it	is	continuing

and if the sun is to come again
will it be African
or will it be European
or will it be American										   or

will it simply stop											  and
hover over them

- thePoet