The cleansing and sustaining...
			How in this world does
		  		it know to do that?
					The way it can fill out...
						yet and still
						   totally corrode
							the very all
							    It can find
							       it's greatest level
					        	 	     yet sink so very low
							    	        as to make even
  									the usually unimpressed
									     wondering --
									    where did it actually go?
									  And yes, it as times
									will imitate the still
								     or even the very
								  very slo-o-o-ow
								only to in a reverse
							call to the universe
						for a rapid ebb and flow
					        It is in all we
					   do not see
			        in this same
		it is the essence of we
	-- what we truly be
      But what is so very 
confusing to the mind
   in me
	is just why
     it is there in every
          natural disaster
               and there in the before and after...
                  there in the quiet
		or the storm...
			called for 
				      called on...
				Just why is it not -- 
					as in never
         					   		The ever....