# 43

It starts with
the quote of the day:
"You sound like a nigger
To which thePoet
- that's me -
talked to
ME 							T
...upsetting for the 90's   				Fuck that biscuit eatin'
             is it not?			         		 trailer park muthafucka

ME							T
       Now there really is no need    		                       Just succinctly stating		
       to mis-malign our economic	                                    the objective facts		
        brethren				                       the still born acts

T & ME
- this joker's stuck
in the way-back

ME							T                                  
   But the problem you see / is he		                           Which is to say		
      (yet another)				             this swine-y sucka            
    pimple on the current pole of progress	                             is not only in regress...		

ME							T
Yes, he continues					So  just  how
  a modern mess					 will this end?

As a parting shot
to his begin
he did state this gem:
It wasn't that he
didn't like niggers...
He just didn't like niggers
tryin' to sell him genuine....

But for Us
only blinding success
can unshackle
this society's unpleasantness
- thePoet