# 42

I've been climbing
out of my dreams lately
just when it seems this...
this boy is to kiss the girl
and				It's a good sign
I am but a facilitator	I remember my dreams lately
to this passioned world	never before would this...
I climb right on out	this vivid door open to me
of that particular dream  
as the one who's seen	
but recently I've recalled
so many dreams lately	   I used to pray 
this key I deemed	 to remember my dreams
where it seems 		now I'm not so sure this...
  necessity               for / to pass the door
my role is liberator   is exactly / matter of factly    
or unknown spectator     the lore of my craving   
               	           the saving of my saving

		And the moral is....
		 Be careful what you wish
		 for in your dreams
		 they may not be
		 even they may just be
		 what is seemed

- thePoet