# 40

It was almost twenty years ago yesterday
you was coming to his aid and blown away
such was the times of young Black men
even back, way, way, way, back then

but is that truly, truly, truly how it just had to play
was you coming to the rescue or seizing a way?
coming from one as mercurial, as wind swept as you
one must question your basic motivations, Du

yeah, it is probably sacrilege to say
even now, a day after, years after, that day
so much damage done to our literature
another attempted gutting of our American picture

it's just past sunrise - the time I pray
right down here where you no longer stay
down here toiling with concepts that upset
yet, release us all from mortal debt

oh so many wish you were here today
if only just to vote with a simple yeah or nay
why?  because... these many years you continue
in brilliance... guiding a small multitude

- the Poet