# 32

You should know what they said,		This is what others did say:
"Good riddance to bad rubbish"		You bore your burdens
is what their tarnished spoon fed,		in the heat of the day.
to all who would listen to it			...some knew your mission

No, you were never misunderstood	No, you were never in the back
they knew when attacking			always ahead of the times
they were slashing at the bad		forecasting while colleagues sassed
and the  so very, very good			claiming darker than you of crimes	
It's not that they couldn't			They just wanted it all to end
figure you in or out				not to call on new beginnings
you being the ever more			that would only bring to wit:
audacious one with all the clout		this house of old bargainings

Of course they wanted				It was mere naked male jealousy
to be like you					is what is their eternal sin
just like you					not that you were without said sin
they were haunted				you just never perpetrated hypocrisy

Know now it has not even yet come to passing
a true testimony to you magnificent and glorious lastings
but as things do go in this current day
we are only waiting for the eventual breakthroughs
that will enable us to finally catch-up to the you(s)

- thePoet